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Green Pea Pesto Pasta

Tried out these delicious green pea pasta noodles for the first time and they were delicious!

I absolutely fell in love with the colour of these noodles and found that they really livened up my dish! I decided to place my noodles on a bed of spinach to add some more vegetables to my pasta. I love pesto on pasta as it has such a strong flavour so you only need to use a little bit in your dish.

I avoid using too much pesto as I find it can become overpowering in my pasta and also avoid using a lot of cheese as garnish as it becomes too strong and salty paired with the pesto.

Healthy Foodiee Tip

When I make pastas I usually add a lot of vegetables and some protein to my dish and use less noodles to make it not as heavy.

To be honest this is the first time that I have added a fried egg to one of my pasta dishes and I quite enjoyed it! I found it added a lot of flavour to the dish and was a nice change as chicken is usually my go to protein choice for my pastas.

I usually don't eat a lot of pastas as I have a sensitive stomach and find pastas sit heavily in my stomach, making it really upset and bloated. This is why I usually add a lot of vegetables so that I am not eating as many carbs to help ease my stomach. When making pasta I always use whole wheat noodles or sometimes switch it out for chickpea or lentil noodles. In this case, I chose to try these new green pea noodles which I found weren't extremely heavy on my stomach and didn't upset it like other pastas do.

If you don't already use wholewheat pasta I would definitely recommend switching to it for all the healthy benefits, but I would also highly recommend trying different types of noodles such as these green pea or lentil and chickpea noodles!

My next goal is to try to make my own healthy pasta!

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