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Mediterranean Salad

I threw together this delicious and refreshing salad today for lunch! This is such a yummy and super simple salad to make for the spring/summer!! Soooo good! I found these baby tomatoes and I couldn’t resist throwing them in! They are SOOO cute.

Switching out my greens once again for this veggie packed salad! Instead of lettuce for this salad, I chopped up cucumbers, baby tomatoes and sliced black olives. I then added some chickpeas for protein and topped it off with feta and chopped fresh basil.

We always keep fresh basil plants around the house and I love it! I find fresh basil has so much more flavour than dried basil and I love adding it to my dishes, especially to my bowls, soups and salads!

Healthy Foodiee Tip!

Switch up your protein source to add variety to your salads! Even if you aren't vegan or vegetarian, substituting chicken for tofu or chickpeas is great for salads!

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