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Cranberry Blueberry Bran Muffins

Had a little baking day yesterday and made so many muffins! These made for such a yummy breakfast this morning.

I usually stay away from store bought muffins because they can be really high in fat which is why I love baking my own healthy versions!

I also fell in love with these parchment paper liners and find they make the muffins look so nice and make cleaning the pans after baking so much easier!

Healthyfoodiee Tip

I always line my muffin tins with liners to avoid using oil or butter to grease the pans! I find the muffins come out so much easier this way and takes less time when cleaning the pans!

I find adding frozen berries and fruit to muffins make them more moist and adds natural sweetness and flavour! I find that sometimes bran muffins can be a bit dry so this is why I tend to add fruit to them to add some moisture! My go to fruit to add it blueberries and cranberries and add these to a a lot of my muffins and loafs! Blueberries are super yummy in banana bread as well!

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